Schools' Championships

The SASRU Executive Committee has responsibility for:

  •    Appointing a Regatta Sub-committee;
  •    Drawing up the rules of the regatta, in consultation with member schools;
  •    Drawing up the regatta programme and event schedule;
  •    Sending out invitations to South African rowing schools, heads of schools, clubs etc
  •    Sending out invitations to Zimbabwe schools and other schools and clubs
  •    The seeding of entries;
  •    The control and administration of the regatta;
  •    Discipline and behaviour of rowers; cancellations and no-shows etc.;
  •    Liaison with SAROC with regard to all activities on the water;
  •    Control of point allocations and the regatta prizegiving;
  •    The presentation of medals and trophies.

The Regatta Sub-Committee has responsibility for:

  •    Regatta publicity, advertising, ticket sales; merchandise sales and marketing etc.;
  •    Regatta sponsorship;
  •    The allocation of duties to member schools, eg bar; VIP lunches etc.;
  •    Preparation and management of the venue;
  •    Arrangements with regard to security, first-aid and rescue on the water.
  •    Arrangements with regard to schools' transport, parking, accommodation, meals etc.

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