SA Schools Rowing Championship Trophies 2023


Overall Schools Trophies

Hollard Trophy - Best Boys' School:

St Benedict's

The Read Trophy - Best Girls' School:

St Mary's

Melanie Rawbone Trophy - Best Co-Ed School:

Sommerset College

Ubuntu Trophy - Best Junior Club:

Not Awarded
Rowing Trophies

Schools Trophies - Boys

Kurt Hipper Trophy - Best Open Section:

St Benedict's

Tom Price Shield - Best U16 Section:

St Albans

Standard Bank Trophy - Best U15 Section:

St Benedict's

Tony Dobson Trophy - Best U14 Section:

St Benedict's

Derek Read Trophy - Best Boys' Sculling School:

(Points for sculling in A-Finals in all age-groups)
St Albans

Schools Trophies - Girls

Alan Francis Trophy - Best Open Section:

St Mary's

Ron Randell Plate - Best U16 Section:

St Mary's

Holy Rosary Trophy - Best U15 Section:

St Andrews

Mondeor Trophy - Best U14 Section:

Holy Rosary

Boy's Open Championship Events

Barden Tyre Trophy - Eights - St Stithians
Tom Price Trophy - Best 2nd Eight - St Benedict's
Tony Dobson Shield -  Quads - St Albans
Kiwi Shield - Fours Coxed - St Stithians
Imperial Select Trophy - Fours Coxless - St Benedict's
Hollard Blades - Double Sculls - St Albans
TVL Shield -  Pairs -  St Stithians
Paterson Pledge - Single Sculls - St Albans

Boys' U16 Championship Events

Bradham Trophy - Eights - St Stithians
McCullagh & Bothwell Trophy - Coxed Fours - St Stithians
Keith Maybery Memorial Trophy - Coxless Fours - Bishops
Dormehl Trophy - Quads - St Albans
SASRU Trophy - Pairs - St Stithians
Tom Clarke Trophy - Double Sculls - St Albans
Quarterdeck Trophy - Single Sculls - St Albans

Boys' U15 Championship Events

Lindsay Saker Trophy - Quads - St Benedict's
Rita Smith Trophy - Double Sculls - St Albans
Northern Tyre Service Shield - Single Sculls  - St Benedict's
Bob Fussell - Octuples -  St Johns

Boys' U14 Championship Events

John Waugh Trophy - Octuples - St Benedict's
Keith Maybery Trophy - Quads - St Benedict's
Barbara Kirchner Trophy - Double Sculls - St Albans
Waugh Trophy - Single Sculls - St Stithians

Girls' Open Championship Events

Munich Plate - Quads - Holy Rosary
Lesley Hutchins Shield - Fours coxed - St Mary's
SASRU Trophy - Pairs - Holy Rosary
Munich Shield - Double Sculls - St Mary's
Brenda Read Trophy - Single Sculls - St Stithians
St Andrew's Trophy - 2nd Quad - St Mary's

Girls' U16 Championship Events

Stella Fraser Trophy - Quads - St Stihians
St Mary's Trophy - Fours coxed - St Mary's
Sheilagh Price Trophy - Double Sculls - St Stithians
St Mary's - Pairs - St Stithians
Gordon Hemer Trophy - Single Sculls - St Stithians

Girls' U15 Championship Events

Crawford College Trophy - Quads - St Andrews
Catherine Norman Trophy - Double Sculls - St Andrews
AJ Bond Trophy - Single Sculls - St Andrews
Caffeine Hotspot Trophy - Octuples - Claredon Girls

Girls' U14 Championship Events

Lorrain Paulin Trophy - Quads - St Andrews
Holy Rosary Stella Trophy - Double Sculls - St Andrews
Carstensen Cup - Single Sculls - St Andrews
John Waugh Plate - Octuples - Holy Rosary

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